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Learn About Our Mailing Programs
Remember Me Cards is dedicated to helping professionals build and maintain their repeat and referral business by providing personalized, custom, greeting card mailing services at an affordable price.

We offer several types of mailing programs designed to reach your clients and prospects.  If you don't see a program that fits your needs, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss a custom mailing program for you.

You can subscribe your clients to several programs at the same time.  For example, a client subscribed to the Real Estate Follow Up program can also receive cards from you on July 4th and Thanksgiving as part of the Client Connection program.

Mailing Program Description
Client Connection
Many of our customers use this program to do seasonal and holiday mailings to their sphere of influence database.  It can also be used for prospecting/farming.

You select the cards and how frequently you would like to send out mailings to your clients and/or prospects (Monthly, Every 2 Months, Quarterly, 2-3 times per year). 

Card rates are lower the more frequently you mail within the year.

This is a "pay as you mail" program.  We invoice you and charge your credit card when the mailings go out.  You don't need to pay everything up front.

Real Estate
Follow Up Programs
Don't forget those important first, second, and third home anniversary dates.  We have both 5 and 7-card follow up programs available.

These scheduled follow up programs include a series of beautiful cards containing prints of cottages, Victorian and estate homes by Barbara Froula Studios.  We have both Buyer and Seller versions of the program.

The cards are mailed over a 3 year period:
    Just after Closing
    Six months later and
    On the first, second and third anniversaries

If the 7-card program is selected additional cards are also mailed mid-year between the anniversaries, ensuring that your client hears from you at least twice a year.

Adding new closings is easy… just use the web site "Members" page to send us your information and we take care of keeping your name and services in front of your client for the next three years!

Follow Up Program
This is a 4-card follow-up program designed for clients of mortgage professionals.

Cards are mailed over a 3 year period: 1) Just after Closing 2) One Year Anniversary 3) Two Year Anniversary 4) Three Year Anniversary.

Includes an initial thank you card, and 3 "soft sell" anniversary cards asking for repeat/referral business.

Subscribe your clients to our Birthday Program and they will receive the card you select on their special day.

You can select the same card for all clients, or choose different cards for Adult Male, Adult Female, and Child.

Thank You
This is an event-driven program where periodically (each few weeks, each month, each quarter, etc.) you send us a list of clients that you want to send a Thank You card to.

You select the card(s) to send out and the inside verse (if the card you select is blank inside).  You can categorize your clients so that one group receives one type of card, and the other group receives a different card. 

An example would be sending different thank you cards to prospects who have received quotes from you vs. customers who have recently purchased from you.

*Our rates include card, envelope, card setup/proofing, imprinting, hand-signing, insertion of business card, addressing and commemorative postage. Call for more details.

With our help you will always be remembered by your clients!  Remember Me Cards takes all the administrative hassle out of doing mailings.  We work diligently on your behalf to get your cards in the mail, on time, so you can spend your time doing other things.

Give us a call and get started today!